We are changing the way you buy luxury for children.

We launched Atelier/Child in 2015 with a simple vision: to help dress kids we love, in clothes we love.

Since then, we've been featured by publications across the globe and worked with leading fashion concept stores.

Through our steadfast commitment to style and quality we have earned a loyal following of mini style stars, celebrities and style influencers.

More importantly though, we’ve earned a loyal following of parents and kids who love our luxury quality and statement aesthetic.

But to be true, we couldn’t shake the feeling that we didn’t want our clothing to come with such a high price tag. It’s for growing kids after all.

We're mothers, and we believe these are the most important things to consider when shopping for children:

Style: Do you love it?
Quality: Is it beautifully made, with natural materials?
.... and Price: Is it affordable? And even more importantly is it great value?

So now we are making one big change.

We still work with the same high quality natural materials, we still work with the same amazing suppliers, and we still make the most special pieces in a child’s wardrobe.

What's changed is our business model. We are now selling primarily direct, with one goal in mind: making luxury children's clothes at prices parents don’t need to think twice about.

We hope you'll love our new way of doing things!


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