My Nursery: Kym Elphinstone, managing director of [art]iculate PR & mother to Hamish, four months

How would you describe the style of Hamish’s room? 
Minimalist, with a Scandinavian vibe and a staunch denial of chintz. The space is fairly gender neutral; an elegant space that doesn’t necessarily say baby’s room.

What is your advice for styling children’s rooms? 
Be guided by your own style and create something you love rather than what is expected for a baby boy’s or girl’s room. I’ve tried to create a neutral space, which I hope Hamish can put his own stamp on overtime as he adds in his favourite toys and books.


What about buying art for children’s rooms?
I don’t think there is necessarily a category for children’s rooms, but rather good sites to find affordable works for any walls.  For affordable options, it’s worth looking around Sydney’s great emerging galleries such as The Commercial, Chalk Horse Gallery, Galerie pompom, and Alaska ProjectsBuying a work on paper or small edition is a great way to start your collecting journey, or enlist some financial help using the incredible new Art Money interest free art loan program.







Jelly Cats Bashful Bunny, $32.95, from Seed    Modern Mosiac Print, starting at $25, from ineednicethings      Leander bed, $1699.95, from Kido StoreAtelier/Child 'The Camo' Baby Blanket, $225Leather Strappy Bookshelf-Natural, $349, from Urban Couture          Brown Rabbit in the City by Natalie Russell, $14.99        

Cover image: Julie Adams for The Grace Tales


Jessica Baird Walsh

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